Mvt dd09 batery not charge

  • Hello, im from Portugal, and i have a nrg first model year 1995. High end. I recently buy here in motoscoot the mvt DD09 and my battery does not charge. :mad: Its a new battery and the motor runs fine and starts really well. I need lights,blinkers speedometer runing becouse i use the scooter on road/streets as a day vehicle.

    Does the mvt dd09 really charge battery? Is this like the premium version that supplys all electrical system and battery? They say it as lights and a 12v supply.

    But for maintaining lights you need battery and she needs to charge.and she dosent charge. I have the white wire coming from stator to enter on G that goes on to B+on regulator, yellow to lights on regulator, green and yellow to mass,black to stator to red/black cdi pluged in. Does this ignition charge battery?

    Does anyone can help me? Please! Thanks.

  • @nrg_r1_pt Hi do you resolve the problem?

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